metal detector general purpose with 8 inch coil

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Part Number: Compadre 8
metal detector general purpose with 8 inch coil
Easy to use & searches deep!
Ideal for rentals, just turn on and go. Lots of performance with features that really count. The new Tesoro Compadre metal detector is a single knob VLF discriminator. This new detector is simple enough for the beginner, yet powerful enough for an experienced treasure hunter. The automatic ground rejection circuitry is preset to allow mineral free operation in all types of ground conditions. Its lightweight and balanced feel make this detector fun to use.
Simple one-knob operation
Battery life of 40 to 50 hours on just two drop in 9 volt alkaline.
Automatic ground rejection and tuning
Full range discrimination control
Built in speaker and headphone jack
Only 3 pounds
One year warranty

Part Number Compadre 8
Price: $416.00
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Made in USA
Weight 4
F. O. B Markham, ON

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