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AIR-JECT Aerator BA-4 - self propelled Honda 4 HP Made in Canada

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 w/ 25 core tines 1/2 inch

Aeration encourages roots to grow deeper by increasing the oxygen supply to the root zone for healthy green grass. The Bannerman BA-4 Air-Ject Aerator is a commercial grade self-propelled, walk behind aerator. The Spiker Tine is used for surface aeration. The Air-Ject can now be fitted with a total of 4 different types of tines: Core, Slitter, Fracture and Spiker. Truly the “Four in One” aerator. Our compact size allows for easy and safe operation in confined areas, and less operator fatigue. The new Tine Reel assemblies allow for smoother operation, and more holes per square yard. Ballast weight bars maintain maximum penetration and balance.

Four Cycle Engine Honda - Model #: GX120
Horsepower 4.0
Kilowatts 2.9
Displacement 118 c.c.
Gear Reduction 6 to 1
Machine Type Self-propelled walk behind aerator
Frame 1/4 in. (0.63 cm) Plate Steel
Tine Reel 1-1/2 in. (3.75 cm) tine tube with 5-1/4 in. (13.13 cm) tine plates
Tine Reel Axel 3/4 in. (1.69 cm) cold rolled shafting
Lubrication Grease fitting on tine reel and wheels
Clutch Belt tightener
Tines available 4 Types - Core Tines, Slitter/Slicer Tines, Fracture Tines, Spiker Tines
Core Tine material Hardened steel
Core Tine depth 3 in. (7.50 cm)
Core Tine diameter 1/2 in. (1.25 cm)
Core Tines per unit 25
Core Tines per plate 5
Slitter/Slicer Tine material Hardened surgical steel
Slitter/Slicer Tine depth 5 in. (12.50 cm)
Slitter/Slicer Tine length 5 1/2 in. (13.75 cm)
Slitter/Slicer Tines per unit 25
Slitter/Slicer Tines per plate 5
Fracture Tine material Drop forged steel
Fracture Tine depth 5 in. (12.50 cm)
Fracture Tine length 5 1/2 in. (13.75 cm)
Fracture Tines per unit 12
Fracture Tines per row 3
Spiker Tine
Material Hardened surgical steel
Depth up to 1” (50mm)
No. per unit 13
No. points per on 1-1/4” centres (32mm)
Aeration Patterns
Aerating width 18 in. (45 cm)
Core Tine pattern 4 in. x 11 in. (10 cm x 27.5 cm)
Holes per square yard 36
Slitter/Slicer Tine pattern 4 in. x 11 in. (10 cm x 27.5 cm)
Holes per square yard 36
Fracture Tine pattern 14 in. x 5 in. (35 cm x 12.5 cm)
Holes per square yard 18
Tires 2 (two) Pneumatic 410/350 x 4 inch with bearings
Handle 1 inch tubular with foam grip
Weights 4 bars 16 lbs. each (1 in. x 4 in. x 14 in.)
Weights 4 bars 7.25 kg each (2.5 cm x 10 cm x 35 cm)
Working weight 240 lbs. (109.9 kg)
Working width 27 in. (67.50 cm)
Working length 25 in. (62.50 cm)
Working height 39 in. (97.50 cm)
Shipping weight 250 lbs. (112.6 kg)
Weight: 220.0 lb
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