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Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixers

Whether you're looking for a large capacity series, a smaller more compact model, or the right rental machine, Crown's solid line-up of concrete mixers offer all the solutions. Crown -- the right mix of product and price mean rock solid results!

The welded drum is manufactured using high abrasion-resistant steel, giving Crown mixers longer life with less maintenance.

Sturdy vented engine housing comes standard with a swing-away hood, providing easy engine access.

Crown's new dumping mechanism comes standard with a multiposition drum lock for easy cleaning, flexibility and greater capacity.

Two sets of laser cut steel blades provide a smooth, fast and more thorough mix.

Crown provides a wide range of electric, gas and diesel power in order to meet your specific requirements. Our drive pinions and gear rings are made with cast iron, providing better durability and longer life.

Mortar Mixer
Mortar Mixers
Endplates are manufactured using 7 gauge steel.
All Crown mixers feature a lifetime warranty on drum bearings and seals.
Crown positions the dump and clutch levers at the front of the mixer for safe and efficient use.
Crown's self-latching drum lock is knee operated, freeing both hands for optimal dumping control.

Crown's rugged tow pole is retractable or removable and easily stows away when not in use for safer operation.
Every detail counts, like our two-piece safety grill, which is stronger, safer and easier to use than a one-piece grill, and will not damage the drum.
Crown uses the heaviest solid steel paddle shaft in the industry. Crown's ductile iron paddles are stronger than welded steel making them the industry's most durable.

Crown uses a heavy duty, abrasion-resistant steel wrap for longer life.

Standard raised frame construction allows for convenient dumping to a wheelbarrow.

All Plaster/Mortar mixers come with Crown's exclusive oil filled gear reducer. That means there is less horsepower required, you get a quiet and smooth running mixer, and no need for engines with gear reducers, just a straight keyed shaft!

Imer Portable Concrete Mixers

Portable Concrete Mixers Portable Concrete Mixers
Minuteman Wheelman with stand

Mix 200 - 275 lbs. of mortar, stucco, grout, or concrete in less than 4 minutes. Working on a jobsite without electrical power, no problem, the Wheelman is available with a 3 h.p. Honda engine. The Poly Drum is available on the Wheelman only. Contractors Speak Up: I bought a gas powered Wheelman for a contract in Washington D.C. It easily mixed 330 bags of Sacrete (80 pound bags). We coudn't pump in Redi-Mix because this contract was located in a very sensitive green area. The Wheelman is a great piece of equipment and it's simple to clean!!! - Steve Cullen, Owner, Cullen Landscape, Washington D.C.