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Female Connector 15A 125V 2 Pole 3 Wire 5-15 Woodhead

Female Connector 15A 125V 2 Pole 3 Wire 5-15 Woodhead

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  • Industrial Connector: straight blade connector offers safe and secure usage with power tools and machinery with varying voltage. Floating blade construction ensures self-alignment and a longer tool life
  • Electrical Plug Connector: NEo-TEX Paracril OZO rubber body of Safeway connector ensures an abrasion-free performance. It offers application in harsh indoor/outdoor environments with exposure to extreme temperature and chemicals
  • Enhanced Safety: the industrial connector with CSA and UL electrical safety certification provides exceptional durability and performance. The improved mechanical and electrical connections limits wear and heat generation
  • Straight Blade: this power entry connector can be connected using a straight blade, Phillips, and square-drive screwdrivers. Captive, tri-drive head, stainless steel speed screw of this plug provides easy assembly and long life
  • Specifications: this circular connector features 2 poles, 3 wires with NEMA 5-15 configuration. Yellow rubber connector with color-coded terminal screws runs on 15A/125V

59910000 formerly CEP part # 15C47

Weight: 0.55 lb
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