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Shore posts galvanized steel Heavy Duty from 3' 6" to 16'

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  • $110.00

Base / Top Plate (6" x 6")

The 6" x 6" x 1/4" base and top plate have holes for connecting or aligning to u-heads, beams and other common post-shore applications.

Heavy Duty Cast Hammer Nut

Combined with stripping Handle, the Nut has 3 Additional Ears for use with hammers to ease in stripping the shore while under load. Pins are of high grade steel, and come with attached safety cable to prevent loss of pins during transportation or on site handling.

Full length Tube / Thread

Outer Tube is full length and continuous. Thread is cut into the outer tube providing a higher capacity, and equally important, far longer life expectancy when compared to products that are welded onto thinner walled tubes to reduce weight and cost

Notched Stacking

Greater concentration of Post Shores can be placed into Shopping Cradles due to the notch on the base plates that allow for stable and closer packing of shores.

Shipping Cradle

Easy transportation for shipping Post Shores by track, or lifting to the working deck for installation and stripping. Racks are designed to hold 63 Post Shores. Racks can be safely stacked 2 or 3 high providing surface is level, and hard packed.

Weight: 29.0 lb
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