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dethatcher 18 inch swath 5.5 Honda OHV engine

dethatcher 18 inch swath 5.5 Honda OHV engine

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MacKissic offers two dethatcher models, both featuring the Kwik-Thatch system. There is the 18" model and the 22" model. These easy to use and easy to move dethatchers feature the world's first high impact nylon tines that are tough enough to get the job done, but flexible enough to allow the user to roll over sprinkler heads, sidewalks, and pavers without the concern of damage to either the machine or the obstruction. These tines are safer and easier on the operator. The MacKissic dethatcher will not allow the lawn to be worked overly-aggressive. This reduces the abuse of the machine and allows dethatching when normal dethatchers cannot be used. Both the 22" and the 18" have a height adjustment to allow the user to decide the depth of thatch removed from the lawn.

The nylon tines are easy to replace, taking less than two minutes. Just pull out the worn tines with a pair of plyers and push the new tines into place. A new set of tines will last for as many as 50 rentals! It's simple, fast, and cost-effective.

The 18" model has a folding handle which allows the machine to be loaded by one person in the smallest of trunks.

Weight: 108.0 lb
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