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Diamond blade 16 inch masonry TPX40 15mm Segment Height

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MK Diamond's new TPX-40™ 7 in 1 multi-application diamond blade is designed for maximum life and speed. A newly developed bond allows for cutting a wide variety of materials including asphalt, block, granite, brick, concrete, bluestone and pavers.

  • Noise Reduction - The laser welded segment over the gullet design helps to reduce noise by as much as 10db while providing efficient removal of cutting debris
  • Cooler Cutting - The additional core cutouts provide improved cooling during deep cutting, which helps keep the core from warping or losing tension.
  • Longer Life - The tall segment heights provide 30% more cutting life
Diameter Width Arbor    Part #
16" (406mm) .125" 1"- 20mm
Segment Height 4" - 10" 10mm
Segment Height  12" - 20" 15mm

Weight: 5.5 lb
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