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Pallet truck 48" forks x 20.5" W - 5,500 LB IBT55

Pallet truck 48" forks x 20.5" W - 5,500 LB IBT55

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The IBT55 is the most affordable, most dependable Pallet Truck in it's class. The IBT55 is durable, versatile and easy to use, and is a more than suitable compliment to your transport equipment fleet.

  •  Pump Stroke: A Full 90 degree top to bottom stroke - requires 10 strokes to raise forks to maximum height.
  •  Frame: Rugged heavy-duty constructed of one-piece formed Channel steel for lightweight strength. Reinforced gussets and bulkhead
  •  Forks: Reinforced for added strength with tapered ends for easy load entry
  •  Paint: Powder Coat finish
  •  Hydraulic Pump: Quality pump design complete with special lowering valve allowing controlled rate of descent, and an overload by-pass valve
  •  Handle: Bolt-on, ergonomic 'Spring-A-Matic' design that returns to the upright position automatically
  •  Control Handle: 3 position (raise/neutral/lower) fingertip control
  •  Steering: 180 degree pivot action for greater manuverability with 7" polyurethane wheels, sealed bearings and 'ball-thrust' steering. Articulating axle allows for level transport on even floors
  •  Pivot Points: Grease fittings and bushings at all pivot points for easy maintenance
  •  Helper Rollers / Load Rollers: Features entry/exit ramp for easy handling of loads, and 2.9" Polyurethane rollers with sealed bearings
  •  Push Rods: Adjustable push rods allow for individual adjustment capability of either fork height
  •  Hangers: One-piece constructed of iron cast for greater strength/longevity


  •  Forks (Length): 48"
  •  Forks (Overall Width): 20.5"
  •  Lowered Fork Height: 2.9"
  •  Raised Fork Height: 7.75"
  •  Fork Width: 6.3"
  •  Weight: 160 lbs
  •  Steer Wheels: 7"
  •  Load Rollers: 2.9" x 3.6"
  •  Wheels / Rollers: Polyurethane

OPTIONS: Automotive Style Brake, Tandem Wheels, 20.5" Overall Fork Width


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