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Portable Cart Light - 5322- extends to 12 ft, 2 x metal halide 1,000 watt eliptical 220,000 lumens

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CEP's Metal Halide lights feature the 5011, an elliptical shape 1000 Watt metal halide fixture. These light heads are extremely strong, compact and the bulbs are rated to last 10,000 hours. CEP's Metal Halide lights are mounted in a heavy-duty steel yoke, providing impact resistance when in use or when transporting to another location. All models are special ordered in other voltages. Metal Halide lights require a warm-up time of 4-5 minutes for full illumination. A cool-down time of 5-15 minutes is recommended after shutdown to re-light.

All frames are made of 1-1/4" 12 gauge square steel tube and powder coated safety yellow.
Head assemblies are easily removed from the mast and detach from their ballast. This enables one person set-up and offers safety and convenience in transporting and storage.
All units have steel generator platforms and can be plugged directly into any standard 15 Amp receptacle.

Model 5322 has a heavy duty steel telescoping mast which is raised and lowered by a self-braking winch. Each mast lays down or removes for easy transporting.

Weight: 195.0 lb

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