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Tile saw 10 inch blade 38 inch cut 27 inch diagonally does mitre & plunge cuts c/w 10 in blade by Rubi 54924

Tile saw 10 inch blade 38 inch cut 27 inch diagonally does mitre & plunge cuts c/w 10 in blade by Rubi 54924

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The RUBI DC-250 range of tile saws is formed by machines with mobile heads offering the professional tile installer maximum functionality and reliability.


The DC-250 is ideal for intensive cutting of glazed and stoneware tiles, as well as for cutting porcelain tiles or the occasional cutting of natural stone.

Available in two models: 850 and 1200, with cutting lengths of 38.6 and 47.4 in. respectively (including plunge cut).

The motor assembly, mounted on sliding bearings, of the DC-250 offers maximum precision and cutting quality, as well as the possibility of miter cuts on pieces up to 41.73 in. long.

Their removable aluminum tables facilitate cleaning and maintenance of DC-250 tile saws, and the folding leg system with built-in wheels facilitates moving and handling of the cutters.

The DC-250 includes a Arrowhead 10" diamond blade. This continuous rim blade allows you to make cuts in all sorts of ceramic tiles, with optimum results and good performance.

The 1.5 HP motor, with a thermal protector, is perfect for cutting porcelain tiles.
The DC-250 850 includes an adjustable lateral stop (0 to 45 degrees) to make repetitive cuts easy and practical.
The DC-250 1200, on the other hand, has a square that can be adjusted up to 60 degrees to facilitate angular cutting of large format pieces.

Its large work area (39.37x19.09 in.) is ideal for working with large format ceramic tiles and the working height of 33.27 in. provides the professional with better ergonomics.

The RUBI training approach with professionals is very plain, a clear example of this being that since the inception of the company participation at international fairs has been vital to its development. At RUBI a great deal is invested in participation at international fairs and exhibitions, which means that our global recognition continues to grow and we can continue to develop solutions to facilitate the work of industry professionals worldwide.

Head height adjustment allowing to adjust the cutting height.
Aluminum square, easy to regulate (0 to 60 degrees).
Extruded aluminum tables,removable for easy cleaning of the machine.
Folding legs with built-in wheels for easy carrying.
For Wall tiles, Floor tiles, Porcelain and other materials. 

Weight: 121.0 lb
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